Fairview Partner Ministries

A City for God is transforming lives with the life-changing message of Jesus’ love. We're stepping into communities, schools, and organizations and carrying with us the light of this purpose–building communities where God dwells in time and for eternity.

This mission has been one we’ve been excited to serve since 2015. 2015 marked the start of the journey of a lifetime with A City for God being gifted the opportunity to serve over 7000 students, and over 500 staff members and their families.

A City for God is transforming lives with the As we serve schools in this way, we’re blessed to see God at work and to be on mission with him in increasing staff retention and morale, equipping students for success, and connecting people to faith communities where they can thrive and serve.

Discipleship, thriving, resilience, and growth: As we joyfully interact with schools and the students, staff, and family members whose lives are being changed through this message of Jesus’ transformational love that we get to share in our role as chaplains, we also get to understand more intimately the reality of virality in the lives of those in the communities we serve.

Milwaukee has been consistently measured as having the highest racial gap in the nation, having zip codes with the highest incarceration rates in the world, and having a poverty that goes beyond physical measurements.

Through programs like Chaplains in Schools, Above the Clouds, and Chaplains in Community, we’re able to make a difference in communities to help break these cycles, to help community members and leaders level up in growth and discipleship, and to see God at work through our living out this mission.


At Shining Star Christian Schools, our vision is to utilize school choice to fill empty, formerly operating Christian Day Schools with hundreds of children who hear about Jesus every day and receive a high-quality education. In 2014, Shining Star Christian Schools was founded with the belief that no child should go without a Christ-centered, values-centered education. This belief was coupled with the fact that more than a few Christian Day school buildings that were once fully operated by congregations in Milwaukee had sat empty for years. 

Shining Star Christian Schools is different from many other excellent individual and network choice schools in that Shining Star takes on the education of children at a parish school, which frees up congregations to focus on ministering to children and families. Furthermore, our lease payments provide valuable resources to the churches so that congregations can invest in evangelism and other important church work. This church partnership model has developed at Abiding Word Lutheran Church, Fairview Lutheran Church, and St James Lutheran Church, where we have grown to serve 450 K-8 students across 3 campuses with a high-quality, Christian education.


Other Ministries

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Lutheran High School is one of the largest and most comprehensive private Christian high schools in the Greater Milwaukee area.

WLHS is also the oldest Lutheran high school in the United States, with a rich history dating back to 1903.


The continuing purpose of L.P.S. is to offer high school education to prepare young people for the pastoral, teaching and staff ministry. The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students for entry into Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota, where they continue their studies for full-time ministry in our Synod. The young men and women of our congregation are encouraged to consider serving God in this way. For more information call L.P.S. at (920) 261-4352. L.P.S. is located in Watertown, Wisconsin, 45 miles west of Milwaukee. (Our Synod also has another preparatory school, Michigan Lutheran Seminary, in Saginaw, Michigan).


MLC is the Wisconsin Synod's College of Ministry, located at 1995 Luther Ct., New Ulm, Minnesota, 56073, about 100 miles southwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. M.L.C. is our training college for pastors, teachers and staff ministers. Pastoral students follow their studies at M.L.C. with four more years at our seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin.


WLC is a liberal arts college supported by WELS congregations located at 8800 Bluemound Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53226. Degrees offered include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Business Administration.