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Worship Themes
Worship Themes 

Set Free is our summer sermon series. Many lies bombard us about who we are and how we should to live in this world. In this worship series we claim Jesus’ promise that “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32) as we compare what God tells us in his Word about those lies. The lies we will look to triumph over are:

• June 28-29
    I must be perfect
• July 05-06
    Emotional reasoning equals facts
• July 12-13
    Life should be easy and fair
• July 19-20
    God can’t use me unless I am spiritually strong
• July 26-27
    I must have everyone’s love and approval
• August 2-3
    I must avoid problems, not face them
• August 9-10
    People are basically good
• August 16-17
    God’s love must be earned
• August 23-24
    It is my Christian duty to meet the needs of others
• August 30-31
    Christians don’t feel angry, anxious, or depressed
• September 07-08
   Outdoor service and picnic (note: Service time is 10:00a) 
Fall Sermon Series

On the Road (to Emmaus) Again, What we have to give away
    This worship series focuses on the message of the video, The Road to Emmaus.  We will discover a number of treasures that are ourselves because of the resurrection.  We will also discover ways to share those treasures with others.  Click to see video.

• September 13-14    On the Road (to Emmaus) Again: We have Hope
• September 20-21    On the Road (to Emmaus) Again:  We have Peace
• September 27-28    On the Road (to Emmaus) Again:  We have Faith and Trust
• October 04-05    On the Road (to Emmaus) Again:  We have Freedom and Forgiveness
• October 11-12    Guest speaker: Wisco Sunday
• October 18-19    On the Road (to Emmaus) Again:  We have Purpose
• October 25-26    On the Road (to Emmaus) Again:  We have Boldness

Shine Like Stars
    The final worship opportunities of the Church year remind us that our role in life is to shine like the stars in the sky as we reflect the truth of God’s grace (Philippians 2:15).

• November 01-02    Shine by treasuring God's Word, Daniel 6:10-12,16-23
• November 08-09    Shine by doing everything for Jesus, Matthew 25:31-46
• November 15-16    Shine by staying alert, Matthew 25:1-13
• November 22-23    Shine because Christ reigns forever, 1 Corinthians 15:20-28
• November 26         Thanksgiving Eve: The secret of being content,  Philippians 4:13


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