Be Transformed
Be Transformed:
     Do you find yourself increasingly concerned and nervous about our country, world, safety, finances, health care, family, children or other personal events in our life.  Are you feeling stressed, sad, worried, or even angry about your future?  Do you at times wonder why God allows these problems to exist?  Or maybe you still have many questions about who Jesus is and what that means for you.  Jesus tells us that our very eternity lies in that answer, and that eternity is closer than ever before.  He has the answers to all of your questions. 
     This billboard continues to appear throughout Milwaukee County. The message happens to be very true. If you have been ignoring this reality, or find the message unnerving or scary instead of exciting, I have the perfect class for you. 
     Fairview offers a unique class to help you sort through all these questions.  It is called Be Transformedand we invite you to join us.  This enjoyable and relaxed discussion is completely free of charge.  It has no homework, no passages to memorize, and no tests.  You will never be called on in class to read, and you do not need to answer any questions.  It does not require your membership in our church or in any other.  We simply offer this out of love.  You will receive a free printed manual.  This course is primarily designed to answer every question you have ever had about your faith and the God who would rather die than live without you in his eternal heaven.  You will learn more about who Jesus is and why you are so important to him.  Isn’t it about time you learn more about your future?  Come for the first few lessons and see if this isn’t true.
     Be Transformed  began at 10:30 am on Sunday, March 15th, and is still open for enrollment in the St. Mark room in the education wing of our church.  Signs will be posted.  Casual dress is welcomed and normal.  Free  bakery, refreshments and child care by our trained staff will be offered each time we meet. 
     You may never find a better opportunity to learn more about your eternity.  His return is getting closer each day.  Please call or e-mail me anytime  to let me know you plan to give this course a try. Or just stop in to check it out.   I will have a cup of coffee and a smile waiting for you.  So will Jesus.
Please call Greg Naumann at (262) 993-2130 or e-mail him at with questions at any time.