Be Transformed

 Leader: Greg Naumann
137 N.66th Street
Milwaukee WI 53213
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Meeting Day(s): Sunday
Meeting Time: 10:15a

Hi friends,

Are you concerned about your relationship with the God of the Universe, and want to know more?  Do you know a little about Jesus, but not enough to assure you of your eternal destination when you die - heaven or hell?   God tells us that when you pass away, you will meet him face-to-face.  As we approach that final day of judgement soon, do you want the true peace and love that only the Triune God can give you?  Then Be Transformed is a class just tailored to your needs! 

Be Transformed is Fairview's nuts and bolts course on Christianity. The class is free. It runs for no more than 60 minutes (10:15a on Sundays). Free bakery, coffee and snacks will be available. There is no homework. Class members are asked no questions they must answer and are not called on to read.

Everyone receives a study manual with all of the Scripture printed out so no one has to look up passages in the Bible. This is easy Bible study. But it’s also a Bible study where we cover every major teaching of the Bible and where we’ll take time to answer every question anyone has on their mind in class or in private.   God has your answers...this is where to get them.  So call me and then join us for this wonderfuil message.

Be Transformed is also designed for individuals who are interested in the basic teachings of Christianity and/or interested in joining Fairview as a member.  There is no cost for attending this course. New members may join the class at any time.